CTForMe - An Online Hub for Working Professionals

July 20, 2021

Connecticut is an excellent place to live and start a career. In addition to the state’s high quality education and healthcare systems, Connecticut also offers several different types of living spaces – there are rural areas, urban centers, and everything in between.

CTForMe is a new online hub that will highlight all of the advantages of living in the Nutmeg state. The website and the Instagram page (@CTForMe) will feature first-person accounts of young professionals in Connecticut. The content will focus on issues that a young professional may consider when choosing a place to settle- such as employment opportunities, the arts and culture scene, as well as sustainability initiatives in the community.

CTForMe will be shared through universities, organizations, social media pages around Connecticut and surrounding states. It's designed to be a resource for young, talented professionals who are considering making their lives in Connecticut.

Connecticut is a great state to live, work and raise a family. It's time to spread the word!

Check out CTforMe to see all that Connecticut has to offer our young people.