Masks Optional in Hamden Schools

March 10, 2022
Tuesday night, Hamden's Board of Education held a special meeting to reevaluate whether to maintain a mask mandate in schools and ultimately decided to make masks optional in school beginning March 21. AsĀ  refresher, the Town of Hamden repealed the town-wide mask mandate for private businesses, which took effect February 25th.

Parents, school faculty and even students submitted impassioned comments on what they wanted to see reflected in their schools. While any decision regarding mask use has been heavily divided, I want to stress that in order to move forward, we must respect each other and respect that each individual will do what they feel is necessary to keep them and loved ones safe. Some may continue to wear masks and should not be intimidated or mocked for doing so.

This repeal marks a major step in learning to live with COVID-19, but that does not mean all the work is yet done. Superintendent Goeler says he is still committed to increasing the vaccination rate umong school-aged students and announced

that there will be upcoming two vaccine clinics to get children vaccinated. I will share the dates and locations of those clinics once they have been established.

As always, I will keep you updated with any new developments. In the meantime, if you would like to watch the Board of Education's March 8th special meeting, or read submitted comments, please click the buttons below.

March 8th Board of Ed. Meeting
Public Comments