Catalytic Converter Theft in Hamden

March 29, 2022

Last week, I shared updates from the Hamden Police Department and the Mayor's Office about an unfortunate increase in crime in our town, notably at the Hamden Plaza. Over the past week, I've started to notice a number of concerning posts on Next Door regarding stolen catalytic converters and wanted to make sure you were all aware of current statutes in place to protect your vehicles.
During the 2021 Session, we passed SB 261, which addresses a number of transportation and motor vehicle related issues, but also specifically addresses a means in curbing catalytic converter theft. This year, the Public Safety Committee has worked extensively on a similar piece of legislation, SB 256, to help codify and strengthen these efforts.
Together, they would prohibit motor vehicle recyclers, scrap metal processors and junk dealers from receiving a vehicle’s catalytic converter unless the seller provides proof that he or she owns the vehicle or is an authorized agent of the vehicle’s owner. This added requirement would act as a deterrent to thieves by halting any potential sale.
In addition to our efforts at the Capitol, the Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships Council (SPCP) is hosting a Hamden Public Safety Community Forum Wednesday, March 30 at 6:30PM in the Legislative Council Chambers at Memorial Town Hall; 2372 Whitney Avenue. Mayor Lauren Garrett and members of the Hamden Police Department will be on hand to speak with you. This is a great opportunity to ask questions to those who work hard to keep our community safe.