Over $5 Million for Hamden Projects

March 31, 2022
Earlier today the state's bonding commission approved their agenda, which included two funding allocations for Hamden!

The commission approved an additional $4.3 million in state bonding for the construction of a new Station 2 Firehouse on Putnam Avenue, and $1.35 million in state bonding for improvements to be made on the Keefe Community Center.

As you know, I have been working on both of these projects for more than two years. At the end of last year, we secured the first allocation of $4.3 million for a new Station 2 Firehouse. But with inflation affecting the price of materials, Hamden Fire Chief Gary Merwede and Mayor Lauren Garrett told us more was needed. State Senator Jorge Cabrera stepped up, and with the help of Governor Lamont and President Pro Temp Martin Looney, Jorge helped us secure this additional $4.3 million.

Additionally, we got our long-standing request for $1.35 million for the Keefe Community Center across the finish line as well. This will provide vital funding for repairs to the buildings’ windows, roof, HVAC, gym, and front lobby. These upgrades are intended to create an all-encompassing community center for Hamden, which has been a Town-wide initiative for more accessible resources.

I am proud of these victories for Hamden, and I want to take a moment to thank all of those who worked collaboratively with us to ensure that these bonding requests were fully funded. Thank you again to Senator Jorge Cabrera, but also Bonding Chairs, Senator Marilyn Moore and Representative Dorinda Borer, President Pro Temp Martin Looney, and, of course, Mayor Garrett and Governor Ned Lamont for recognizing how these funds will progressively impact the Hamden community. We look forward to seeing all of them at the opening of a new Station 2 Firehouse in the near future.