Gas Price Accountability

April 4, 2022

On Friday, April 1st, our collaborative work to lighten the burden on CT residents and offer some financial relief took effect with the suspension of the 25-cent gas tax.

This effort was meant to make an immediate impact at the pump with an anticipated 25-cent decrease in cost. Residents throughout the state have noticed that some gas stations have not reduced their prices, claiming the gasoline that they paid for in the ground was already purchased at the higher rate.
In a press conference on Friday, Governor Lamont announced that gas stations had a week to properly take inventory and pass these savings onto drivers immediately. In agreeance with the Governor's remarks, Attorney General Tong shared that the law we passed in the legislature was clear and gas stations needed to have lowered their prices on Friday. To counteract any outstanding high costs, the Attorney General said that his office will field complaints from drivers who notice abnormally high prices. To file a complaint, click here.
If you would like for us to further investigate the particular gas station that has not lowered their prices, please feel free to send us the address and we can have it looked into by the Attorney General’s Office. Other than that, you should have already seen prices decreasing over the weekend and if not please also let my office know.