100% on 2022 Environmental Scorecard

August 8, 2022

I was happy with my rating although I do wrestle with issues that impact the economy. In any case I received a 100% this go round.

There were five significant wins for climate, including the Connecticut Clean Air Act, an initiative to reduce pollution from transportation with a strong focus on equity and targeted investments. Another key policy win was the Climate Change Mitigation Act, which will require Connecticut to supply 100% of its electricity from zero-carbon sources by 2040. Overall, CTLCV scored lawmakers’ votes on twenty bills on issues ranging from wildlife and clean water to pesticides, land conservation, and more. Bills included:

  • SB 4 - An Act Concerning the Connecticut Clean Air Act
  • SB 10 - An Act Concerning Climate Change Mitigation
  • SB 117 - An Act Concerning Tree Removal on Properties Under the Control of The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • SB 118 -An Act Concerning the Use of Certain Polystyrene Products
  • SB 120 - An Act Concerning the Use of Chlorpyrifos on Golf Courses
  • SB 176- An Act Concerning Clean Energy Tariff Programs
  • SB 214 - An Act Concerning the Sale of Electric Vehicles in The State
  • SB 236 - An Act Concerning the Use of Back-Up Diesel Generators for Purposes of Peak Shaving
  • SB 239 - An Act Prohibiting the Use of Certain Rodenticides for the Protection of Hawks, Raptors and Other Wildlife

See the complete scorecard here: