Batterson STATE Park?

March 23, 2023

Our goal is to turn Hartford's Batterson Park (closed since 2015) in Farmington and New Britain into a beautiful State Park.

Watch the press conference here.

I was pleased to unveil our plan to use the state's Recreation and Natural Heritage Trust Program to create the State's newest state park along with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, Farmington First Selectman C.J. Thomas and members of the legislative delegations and City Council.

The State has budgeted $10-million for the renovation project. Our plan would ensure the state is open and beautiful for generations to come.

Batterson 2021

The Park in 2021


State Parks with swimming are rare in Greater-Hartford (Batterson is 7 miles from Hartford). The nearest state parks with Swimming are Stratton Brook State Park (Simsbury, 14 miles from Hartford) and Gay City State Park (Hebron, 18 miles from Hartford).