Proposal to Raise Wages For Childcare Workers

June 2, 2023

I fully support a new proposal that would include wage hikes for early childcare providers. The Office of Childhood has agreed to a successor contract with the bargaining unit comprised of childcare providers. The deal incentivizes quality of care through a tiered rate structure that encourages providers to obtain a license.

Under the tentative agreement, childcare workers would receive their first raise next year. The rate increase would be 11% for licensed providers and 6% for unlicensed providers. The Office of Childhood tells us this negotiated pay bump is included in the governor’s budget plan.

My colleagues on both sides of the aisle on the Appropriations Committee join me in applauding the deal. I offered some remarks explaining why early childhood development is so important.

This investment will support childcare workers and our youth.

The deal is intended to help stabilize the childcare industry and support its workforce, which has historically been underpaid across the nation. Governor Lamont and many of my colleagues are eager to uplift this essential workforce with the goal of retaining staff in childcare centers and homes.

We will vote on this measure as part of the governor's budget before the legislative session comes to an end on Wednesday at midnight.