Major Boost For High School Students

October 17, 2023

The Connecticut State Department of Education awarded $90,000 to Waterbury Public Schools to expand dual credit offerings. This move is part of a $3.8 million statewide investment to enable more high school students to earn college credits prior to graduation through partnerships formed between high schools and public and private colleges and universities.

Waterbury Schools received $90,000 to:

  • Expand existing partnerships with CT State Community College at Naugatuck Valley (NV) and Post University (Post)
  • Collaborate with NV to create update syllabi and agreements to offer concurrent enrollment with Advanced Manufacturing 2 and Culinary courses at Waterbury high schools
  • Developing two new dual credit courses, Game Design and Development 1 and 2, with Post to be offered at up to all five public high schools
  • Purchase industry standard equipment for all the courses listed above

CLICK HERE to see the entire Dual Credit Grant Application. Make sure to click on Waterbury School District to see more about its individual applications.