Nearly $17.5 Million Awarded to Waterbury for Several Projects

October 25, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

Great news! As House Chair of Connecticut General Assembly’s Bonding Subcommittee, I worked closely with Governor Ned Lamont and Speaker of the House Matt Ritter to secure nearly $17.5 million in funding for Waterbury from the State Bond Commission for a number of city projects.
The funding for Waterbury, which was approved on Friday, includes:

  • $7,278,995 million for Brass City Residences to transform a blighted area into a new neighborhood with affordable housing opportunities 
  • $7 million for Phase III Downtown Redevelopment Project, including HVAC, mechanical, code compliance upgrades, and renovations to facilitate future mix-use redevelopment like potential for additional downtown housing on the upper floors of two largely vacant downtown office/retail properties 
  • $3.1 million for former Waterbury Button Factory remediation to prepare it for redevelopment 
  • $94,311 for the Brooklyn Meadow Neighborhood Cultural Social Organization of Waterbury for masonry restoration, roof replacement, and parapet roof wall repair 

The funding for the Brass City Residences, which is the nonprofit arm of the Waterbury Housing Authority, was recommended recently by the Community Investment Fund 2030 (CIF) to help construct 46 units of affordable housing as part of the redevelopment of the West Grove Street neighborhood. The CIF grant will also go toward construction of a community room and full reconstruction of street and sidewalks of West Grove Street.
This is transformative funding for Waterbury that will impact our community at every level from the neighborhood to our downtown revitalization. These projects touch so many areas that are important to Waterbury whether it's affordable housing, economic development and improved quality of life. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Governor Lamont and Speaker Ritter for their support in helping secure this much-needed funding.