Today, a bill that reduces the amount of special interest “dark money” in state election campaigns passed the House of Representatives on a 79 to 70 vote.

House Bill 5589 will ultimately close the loophole for those who give massive amounts of money to Political Action Committees (PAC's) that offer complete anonymity to large donors.

This bill, An Act Concerning Campaign Finance Reform, would:

  • Codify “independent expenditure political committees” as a type of (PAC)
  • Require governing board approval by entities making political disbursements over $10,000
  • Limit contributions to organizations making independent expenditures to an aggregate of $70,000 in a calendar year, closing a loophole created by Citizens United
  • Prohibit foreign influenced entities from making independent expenditures or contributing to an organization that does.   

This bill ensures that the candidates elected to office are representing the people they serve - not third party interests.  By establishing stronger disclosure rules, this bill will also help to restore public trust in candidates and elections..