Legislative Update

April 8, 2019

I would like to first thank all of you for giving me this incredible opportunity to represent New London and since the day I was sworn in after the special election, I have been hard at work catching up with legislation. As the session progresses, I would like to spotlight certain legislative efforts and one of them is the Paid Family Medical Leave program bill.

The bill will allow employees to contribute a percentage of their paycheck to the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Trust Fund, which would then be available to cover lost wages for the employee to use if they take time off to take care of newborn children, a sick or aging loved one, or their own illness.

During the public hearing in February, we heard testimony from individuals across the state that see the direct benefit of this bill or have been personally affected by not having such a program in place. I joined my colleague Representative Anne Hughes of the 136th to testify in support of this bill where she shared her emotional story of taking paid time off for a liver transplant to her godson.

The bill has successfully passed through the Labor and Public Employees committee and is scheduled to be voted by the entire Senate later this session. Paid Family Medical Leave will help working family members, especially women, who find it necessary to take time off from their jobs to care for themselves, a child or parent, and birth or adoption of a child among other reasons.

I am a strong supporter of this bill because we only thrive as a state if you are supported in your jobs and can be there for your family when needed. Let’s pass the bill this session and if you have any thoughts or concerns, please contact me. I am here to amplify your voices!