Governor vetoes "unbalanced" Republican-backed budget

October 2, 2017

Citing devastating cuts to higher education, a reduction in aid to municipalities in need, and unsound changes to the state’s pension plans, Governor Malloy delivered on his promise to veto the Republican-backed budget Sept. 28

If enacted, the Republican budget that narrowly passed in the state Senate and House of Representatives Sept. 16 would have undermined Connecticut’s efforts to grow its economy and tax base.

Not only did the GOP-based budget make unilateral changes to pension benefits, but it also cut $93 million from state universities and community colleges. Under the Republican spending package, the state’s flagship facility, the University of Connecticut would lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

This budget would have reversed years of progress Connecticut has made in paying down the state’s unfunded liabilities and making significant investments in our economy.

With Republicans seeking support for a veto override, it is crucial – now more than ever – for the legislature to adopt a bipartisan budget that distributes education and municipal aid equitably, further invests in our educational facilities and helps grow our economy.

I remain committed to passing a budget that addresses our fiscal woes, lays the groundwork for the state’s future success, and puts Connecticut residents first.