Quality child care for working families

November 21, 2017

Now that the state has adopted a budget, I am pleased to report that Connecticut families currently on the wait-list can start enrolling in the Care 4 Kids program, the state’s primary child care support mechanism. Restoration of this program was one of our top budget priorities.

Care 4 Kids helps low- to moderate-income families in Connecticut pay for child-care costs. Many New Haven residents have benefited from this program, and across Connecticut, 98 percent of towns have families that receive Care 4 Kids funding.

Nothing will keep hardworking people from pursuing available jobs more than a lack of quality, affordable child care. Data from the 2015 American Community Survey shows that 31 percent of children under 5 in Connecticut live in families that earn 50 percent of the median income or less. The Care 4 Kids program allows these parents to work so that they can pay for food, a home and find ways out of poverty. We must keep the doors to quality child care open to working families.

Additional information on the Care 4 Kids program can be found by visiting www.ctcare4kids.com or calling 1-888-214-KIDS (5437).