Updates from State Rep. Chris Poulos - March 8, 2024

March 8, 2024

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Dear Neighbor, 

This week, I joined a number of colleagues at a press conference to show support for our law enforcement officers. Specifically, I attended due to concerns over proposals put forth this session that could be detrimental to the recruitment and retention of state and local officers, and the overall safety of Connecticut's residents. 

One such bill would limit officers from pulling people over for what is deemed a "secondary traffic violation." This includes driving without a license, operating an unregistered vehicle, inoperable headlights or taillights and other motor vehicle infractions. 

These types of stops assist officers in not only making our roads safer, but often lead the officer to uncover other more serious violations (illegal guns or drugs in the car, etc.). At a time when public safety is a concern for many, I believe we need to ensure we are supporting our state and local police officers and the good work they do to keep our communities and state safe. 

Please continue reading below for other noteworthy items, and thanks as always for taking the time to read them!

Thank You For Your Service 

It was a pleasure to welcome Southington's Deputy Town Manager and Veteran Alex Ricciardone to the State Capitol this week, where he testified at a Veterans Committee Public Hearing in favor of HB 5401, which would allow municipal employees, who served one or more days in the armed forces during a period of war, to purchase credit in the Municipal Employees' Retirement System for such period of service. I have been collaborating with Alex since November to correct a technical glitch in the law governing a Veteran's purchase of pension credits. His testimony on behalf of the Southington’s Veterans Committee was met with enthusiasm, and I look forward to continuing to advocate for this legislative initiative that he brought to my attention last fall. Thank you, Alex, for your service to Southington and America.

Following Through

This week I attended a Human Services Committee Public Hearing and offered testimony on HB 5241 an act establishing a bureau coordinating services for Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing persons. I first met Southington Resident and President of the Connecticut Association of the Deaf, Luisa Gasco-Soboleski, in 2022 and have been working with her and other advocates during my entire term as State Representative. The result of our collaboration is a bill that would establish a Bureau within the Department of Aging and Disability Services that would centralize the services the State offers to our Deaf DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Community. I am committed to following through with Committee and House leadership in an effort to move this bill through the legislative process.

In my testimony, which you can watch by clicking the video below, I detail the current challenges that Connecticut’s Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing community faces and how this legislation will address them.

Lions Club Event  

Let’s support the Lions Club of Southington at its upcoming Charity Auction.

O’Shenanigans 5K

Join me at the O’Shenanigans 5K on Saturday. You can register to run or walk online ahead of the event. You can also support the Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) Can Drive to provide nonperishable food donations to benefit Bread for Life. I’ll be welcoming everyone at the start and running the race, hosted by HMF in partnership with Kinsmen Brewing and Sauced. Hope to see you there!

Good Luck UConn

Onto the Big East Tournament! Good luck to the UConn men's and women’s basketball teams!