New Proposal May Lead To Waterbury Resurgence

March 5, 2024

The state unveiled an exciting new plan that could speed up the cleanup of polluted properties in Waterbury. Please read below to learn how this proposal could unlock tremendous economic value in our city.

My colleagues are advocating for new legislation that would boost safety for assault and sexual assault victims. Keep scrolling to learn more how a new set of bills would address that issue.

And, House Democrats vow to pass legislation dealing with childhood nutrition programs. I'll break down how a new bill would support kids, infants, and their mothers.

You will find the following sections below:

  • Proposal May Lead To Waterbury Resurgence
  • New Assault Victim Safety Bills
  • Top Priority: Childhood Nutrition Programs
Proposal May Lead To Waterbury Resurgence
A new state proposal to get rid of barriers with redeveloping blighted properties could bring new life and economic development to Waterbury. Governor Ned Lamont, as well as economic and environmental leaders, spoke outside the old button factory to discuss new regulations.

The state is developing release-based cleanup regulations that will cut red tape and support the remediation and redevelopment of thousands of vacant and polluted properties. These new rules would overhaul the Transfer Act, which is the state’s framework governing the cleanup of contaminated sites.

If the state adopts these new regulations, it promises to lead to faster cleanups that will address longstanding pollution and convert blighted properties back to productive use. This could unlock an incredible amount of revitalization to our community and the rest of Connecticut. Thank you to Governor Lamont and his team for all the work they are putting together to make redevelopment a reality!

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New Assault Victim Safety Bills

I fully support a series of new bills and concepts aimed to boost safety and protections for victims of assault and sexual assault. Rep. Maryam Khan, who was attacked last year outside the XL Center in Hartford following an Eid service, unveiled some of her priorities last week.

  • A bill addressing an expansion on the threshold of hate crimes charges
  • An act concerning self defense so that good Samaritans are empowered to help someone who is perceived to being threatened
  • A bill looking into when policy body cameras can or cannot be muted

Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz added that violence against women is a prevalent issue in our country. She was impressed at how Rep. Khan took trauma and a terrible experience and turned it into something positive.

Other legislators discussed different proposals that would provide more protections of victims of sexual assault. The Judiciary Committee is looking over these proposals and is expected to draft bills soon.

Top Priority: Childhood Nutrition Programs

I am committed to promoting the health and well-being of our community’s families and children. In response to the vital need for improved childhood nutrition, we are working on crafting comprehensive legislation that ensures mothers and children who are eligible for federal benefits are enrolled in these programs with ease and confidence.

WIC (Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, Children) enrollment in Connecticut is among the lowest in the country at 46%. Not maximizing participation in this program is resulting in worse outcomes for the health and nutrition of young children. 

Child nutrition is important for many reasons including:

  • Strengthening the child's immune system
  • Providing essential vitamins and minerals
  • Enhancing brain development
  • Encouraging physical growth
  • Setting the stage for healthy eating habits for a lifetime

Healthy nutrition is also tied to preventing chronic disease, improving mental health, and helping build strong bones and teeth.

As this priority bill moves through the legislative process, I urge you to show your support as we move forward. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our youngest community members.