Houses Passes Two Important Bills

April 17, 2019

The House of Representatives are in session and I want to bring to your attention two important bills that we passed

H.B. 05521, An Act Expanding Required Health Insurance Coverage for Preexisting Conditions 

One in four residents having a pre-existing condition in Connecticut and this legislation is critical to protect our residents from unfair treatment by insurance companies. The bill prohibits short-term policies that provide coverage for six months or less from containing a pre-existing condition provision. To learn more, click here.
Healthcare costs and coverage are a serious issue that touch us all and I am proud to have voted on protections that will save lives and provide peace of mind.  

H.B. 7249An Act Concerning Emergency Medical Training in Health Conditions Common to Former Members of the Armed Forces

The bill requires emergency medical service personnel to receive training in health conditions common to veterans such as PTSD. Our veterans placed our country and our citizens above their personal well-being, so it is our duty to prioritize their well-being.  

Both these bills will now be considered by the Senate and if passed, will move to the Governor's desk to become law upon Gov. Lamont's approval.