Minority Teacher Recruitment Bill Senate Passage

May 3, 2018

Leaders of the state legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus (BPRC),  Chair State Rep. Christopher Rosario (D-Bridgeport), and vice chair, State Rep. Brandon McGee (D-Hartford/Windsor) issued the following statement after Senate approval Wednesday, of  SB 455, An Act Concerning Minority Teacher Recruitment  and Retention, which will  make a number of changes in the teacher certification laws to make it easier, in certain areas, for teachers to obtain certification or cross endorsement.

“We applaud our colleagues in the senate for passage of this measure that has been a priority of our caucus for some time.  We support this important measure and hope that our colleagues in the House follow suit.”

The bill makes a number of changes in teacher certification laws regarding required vocational experience, charter schools, initial certifications, and cross endorsements for those already holding a certification.