April 15 Tax Filing Deadline Approaching

April 9, 2019

The 2018 tax year is the first under the new federal tax laws, and it can be confusing. You may no longer be eligible for the deductions you’re accustomed to but there are resources available that might help you maximize your refund or reduce your tax liability with both the IRS and State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services offers numerous taxpayer resources for individuals and businesses paying taxing in our state. The links below from the DRS website provide options for FREE income tax assistance:

Like the DRS website, USA.gov can point you in the right direction for assistance with your federal income tax return. The site offers guidance for free tax preparation for filing your federal return with the IRS. In addition’s specific help for military veterans, senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.

The IRS website also offers taxpayer help with information on how to file, paying your taxes, refunds, credits and deductions, and forms and instructions to complete your return.