West Nile Virus Alert

July 28, 2021

West Nile virus alert! The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has detected the virus in mosquitoes in New Haven and four other Connecticut towns, signaling “a major expansion of West Nile virus activity in the state,” said Dr. Philip Armstrong, medical entomologist.

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Update - Lamont Orders, Evictions

July 15, 2021

Busy Wednesday! Because in May the General Assembly modified the law so that future executive orders require legislative approval, yesterday we met in Hartford to do that.

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Dillon Hails Supreme Court Decision on Athletes

June 21, 2021

(NEW HAVEN, CT) – State Representative Pat Dillon (D-New Haven), author of Connecticut’s student athlete’s “right to know” law, hailed today’s Supreme Court ruling in NCAA v Alston, which held that the NCAA can no longer bar colleges from providing athletes with education-related benefits such as free laptops or paid post-graduate internships.

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