Need Help Paying Your Energy Bill?

December 18, 2022

As we continue to pursue more long-term solutions to reduce rising costs of energy, I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming outreach event to help residents access critical financial assistance from United Illuminating (UI) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG), through the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), the Community Renewal Team (CRT) and Operation Fuel.

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National Suicide Prevention Week

September 9, 2022

Losing a loved one to suicide is devastating to families and communities. We all have a role to play to prevent these tragedies and intervening before it is too late.

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Energy Assistance Program

September 1, 2022

One of the many consequences of the pandemic has been that many households have struggled to pay bills, particularly energy bills. Only laws forbidding most homeowners from being shutoff for non-payment have assured essential heating through the winter for many customers.

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Clean Beaches Week

July 1, 2022

July 1-7 is Clean Beaches Week. The beach is an excellent place to relax and cool off during a balmy summer day. However, it is important that we keep these areas clean. A clean beach not only protects the local wildlife, but it also keeps the visitors safe and healthy. Check out the graphics below for more tips.

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Roe V. Wade Overturned

June 24, 2022

In a 6-3 decision today, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion after nearly 50 years.

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Child Mental Health Legislation Signed Into Law

June 2, 2022

In February, at the beginning of the 2022 legislative session, I stood beside my legislative colleagues and committed to addressing our children's mental and behavioral health needs. I'm pleased to share that we delivered on our commitment. On Wednesday, three transformative pieces of legislation were signed into law so that our children can access the care they need to be their best, authentic selves.

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Connecticut Environmental Champions

December 17, 2021

I am proud to share that the Citizen Campaign for the Environment has named me as one of their 2021 Connecticut Environmental Champions. During my tenure as state representative, I have made fighting for environmental legislation one of my priorities. There is a plenty of overlap between health and the environment, which is why I've used my time as chair of the Public Health committee to address those specific issues, such as addressing air quality in schools, lead paint in homes and PFAS chemicals in our water.

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