A Thank You To My Amazing Staff

May 10, 2024

With the legislative session coming to a close, I wanted to say thank you to my amazing staff, who made it possible for me to be the best legislator possible.

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HB5005, An Act Expanding Paid Sick Days In The State Passes In House

April 25, 2024

I am especially proud of this legislation that will require businesses with as few as one employee to provide paid time off. The bill essentially expands the sick days program to include the state’s small businesses in the paid time off program, not just businesses with 50 or more employees. No one should have to choose between missing an important family event, going in to work sick and exposing others, or taking a mental health day when needed.

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Big Tax Benefits This Year!

April 15, 2024

Today is Tax Day and low to middle-income workers in Norwich have some major tax savings to look forward to when they file their personal income tax returns!

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HB 5001 - Protecting And Prioritizing Seniors

March 21, 2024

Great news! The Aging Committee approved HB 5001, an omnibus bill that will provide further support to our seniors.
This proposal is a priority of the House, and I am thrilled it is progressing through the legislative process.

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Kelly Middle School Student Council Comes To Hartford

March 19, 2024

As a State Representative, one of the greatest honors I have is to share my work with young individuals, particularly those who are interested in government and aspire to pursue it in the future!
I was delighted to spend some time with the Kelly Middle School Student Council at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday!

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Early Voting: What You Need To Know

March 11, 2024

This legislation was made possible by a state Constitutional amendment approved by a wide majority of Connecticut voters in 2022. It will provide you - and voters across the state - with more flexibility and access to cast your vote with the confidence that your voice is heard and your civic duty is fulfilled, while avoiding large crowds and scheduling conflicts.

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Childhood Nutrition Programs A Top Priority

March 7, 2024

In response to the vital need for improved childhood nutrition, we are working on crafting comprehensive legislation that ensures mothers and children who are eligible for federal benefits are enrolled in these programs with ease and confidence.

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