My Legislative Priorities for Public Safety

March 15, 2024
This Session's Fireworks Legislation

There are two bills being circulated in the legislature that are concerning the sale of fireworks, SB 140 and HB 5177. I know this is an issue very important to our community based on your feedback and my own experience.

Fireworks are an issue, causing a nuisance beginning in April and lasting all the way into October. More importantly, the constant igniting of fireworks can be a serious hazard for many kids around our neighborhoods.

I am supporting these measures which can regulate the use and sale of fireworks to better protect our district. You can read more about the bills and actions on them at CT News Junkie

Supporting the Proper Funding for Medicaid

There's a major closure in group homes that is affecting all of us due to a lack of Medicaid funding. It's an important issue affecting Waterbury that we need to address immediately.

I asked Commissioner Andrea Barton Reeves of the Department of Social Services for her expert opinion during a public hearing for the Aging Committee. Click the video below to hear what I asked and her response.