2020 Priorities

February 14, 2020

​There is a lot at stake before this short legislative session ends on May 6th. While legislators are limited to only proposing bills relevant to the budget in even numbered years, I have introduced several pieces of legislation focused on funding for workforce development in the advanced manufacturing industry and tax relief for the middle class and our small businesses. In addition, I will also be working within the Committee process to propose and advocate for other legislation.

With the deadline for proposed bills having passed last week and the deadline for committee bills coming up next week, I wanted to share with you some of my priorities going into the year.

All in on Advanced Manufacturing –

Connecticut should be all in on advanced manufacturing! We need to build our workforce to fill advanced manufacturing jobs in Manchester, Glastonbury and beyond. Advanced manufacturing has been widely acknowledged as a key industry for the future growth of our economy and I have submitted several bills that would:

  • fully fund the program created in PA 19-103 which I fought for last session alongside Rep. Rochelle (D-Ansonia)
  • help noncredit advanced manufacturing students at state community colleges, such as students in Second Chance and local Adult Education programs finish their advanced manufacturing certificate.
  • provide a tax credit for employers whose employees become instructors in advanced manufacturing certificate programs at Connecticut community colleges.

Tax Relief for the Middle Class and Small Businesses –

While last year's budget took crucial steps toward lessening the burden on the middle class and small businesses throughout Connecticut, we must continue to work to level the playing field and promote tax equity and fairness. I submitted bills to:

  • provide targeted tax relief to middle-class taxpayers
  • restore the full Pass-Through Entity Tax credit for small businesses
  • reduce the excise tax for craft breweries

Work on the Banking Committee –

As Vice Chair of the Banking Committee, I am particularly focused on the following measures:

  • expand the existing "Student Loan Bill of Rights"
  • provide a period of mortgage forbearance for individuals facing the financial challenges related to a home with crumbling foundation
  • explore numerous consumer protection issues related to banking and consumer loan transactions

Other Priorities for the Session –

I will continue to advocate for the:

  • end of the sale of inhumanely bred animals from puppy mills in Connecticut
  • increase in accessibility of Narcan to prevent opioid overdose
  • prevention of pharmaceutical drug "switching" by insurance companies which affect patients facing diseases like Multiple Sclerosis
  • strengthening of pedestrian safety laws to put an end to many tragedies such as the loss of Manchester resident John Deeb last fall