Bipartisan State Budget

May 14, 2018

For the second time in just over six months, the General Assembly has approved a bipartisan state budget.

We increased stabilized the Special Transportation Fund, restored MSP, and socked away funds in the Rainy Day Fund.

Key components of the budget agreement include:

  • No income, sales or other state tax increases
  • Increases State Aid for Education over 2018 levels
  • Restores funding to Medicare Savings Program that helps low-income elderly individuals and the disabled pay for the cost of medicine and health care premiums
  • Restores funding to the Energy Efficiency Fund, juvenile justice programs and developmental services
  • Maintains reserves in the "Rainy Day" Fund at the highest level in over a decade

In addition, the bipartisan budget restores $12 million to the Husky A healthcare program which assists more than 13,000 low income people with health care costs. Without additional funding the program would have cut health insurance for individuals making only $19,000/year.

The bipartisan budget also restores solvency to the Special Transportation Fund (STF). he budget allows the state to avoid cuts to Bridgeport transit, any fare increases and keeps all of our transportation projects on track.

The bipartisan budget was the capstone to a successful legislative session where they tackled a number of important issues, including:

  • Pay equity, or equal pay for equal work
  • Pay increases for home care and group home workers
  • Assuring a woman’s right to health care access
  • Drug price transparency, accountability and affordability
  • A ban on bump stocks to save lives and promote safety
  • Addressing dual arrests in domestic violence incidents
  • A plan to increase the use of clean energy and to fight climate change