Access Health CT Enrollment Deadline Near

June 1, 2020

Time is running out as Access Health CT deadlines approach for residents that lost health insurance due to job loss.

People can enroll any time within 60 days of losing their job, but the deadline to enroll is approaching fast for those who lost their health insurance in early April.


Who is eligible? Only qualified individuals who are uninsured, lawfully present, and not incarcerated.

When can I enroll?  Within 60 days of losing your job.


How can I enroll? Phone Only: 855-805-4325 (TTY: 1- 855-365-2428)

8AM – 5PM  |  Monday – Friday


You can find more information and videos that describe in detail how to enroll on the Access Health CT website.

Make sure to also compare coverage to COBRA, the marketplace may offer a better, less expensive choice. For more information, click here.