Phase Two Opening

June 8, 2020
Connecticut is taking a gradual approach to reopening the state. In order to protect our most vulnerable peers, it is crucial that this is done safely and deliberately.   Next Wednesday, June 17, the second phase is set to begin. 

Amusement Parks, hotels, libraries, and fitness facilities will now be allowed to open. Documents containing the rules for the second phase of reopening have been published on the state's coronavirus website - - and are available to download directly at these links:

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks must implement several preventable health  measures, such as specific loading and social distancing procedures for each ride and attraction, rearranging ride queues (such as “maze-style” queues typical at amusement parks) to keep patrons 6 feet from each other, and signage that reinforces the new policies. Click here for more information.


Hotels must implement several preventable health measures, including contactless payment, mobile check-in, and digital recipes. Amenities non-essential to the hotel's main function such as water, coffee, mini bars, and ice machines will be removed. Click here for more information. 


Guidelines for restaurants have been updated. Buffet and other self service must remained closed. Restaurants must create discrete  work zones for servers and signage that reinforces the new policies. Click here for more information. 

Museums, zoos, and aquariums 

Guidelines for museums, zoos and aquariums have been updated. Employees and customers must wear a facemask or other cloth face covering. These institutions must install visual social distancing markers to encourage customers to remain 6 ft apart. Gift shops may resume provided that all rules in effect for retail businesses are followed. Click here for more information. 

Indoor recreation

Indoor Recreation businesses, such as bowling alleys, will be permitted to open during the second phase. These businesses must install touchless appliances wherever possible, close indoor waiting areas, and install visual social distancing markers to encourage customers to remain 6 ft apart. Click here for more information.


Libraries will have to take several precautions, such as quarantining returned books for at least 48 hours and limiting in-person services offered. They will also close or remove amenities non-essential to businesses' main function, such as toys, interactive play areas and shared food/drink stations. Click here for more information. 

Outdoor events

Except as otherwise prohibited, outdoor gatherings are permitted provided that any such large outdoor public gatherings shall comply with the following rules:
  • All attendees must wear some sort of face covering
  • The organizers of the event must develop a detailed plan in case any attendee becomes ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 during the event. 
  • Clean and disinfect restrooms frequently, and implement use of cleaning log for tracking.

Click here for more information.

Personal services 

Nail salons, tattoo parlors and other personal services will be permitted to open. Several steps should be taken by businesses to ensure the safety of employees and patrons. Click here for more information. 

Sports and fitness facilities

Sports and fitness facilities will be permitted to open. These businesses must temporarily close common areas, encourage patrons to bring their own water bottle, and increase the distance between equipment. For more information, click here

Although we have seen a decline in hospitalizations, we still have a long way to go before life returns to normal. Following these rules and abiding by other CDC guidelines is the only way we will overcome this pandemic. For more information about the reopening plan, click here.