Gas Tax Savings and More for CT Residents

March 23, 2022

Today, we passed an emergency-certification that will ease some of the financial burden on Connecticut residents and working families whose wallets and budgets have taken a hit due to rising gas prices and record-breaking inflation levels.
We suspended the 25-cent-per-gallon gas tax
from April 1st through June 30th, are offering free bus rides through June 30th and created an additional sales tax-free week on clothing and shoes under $100 in April.

We heard the calls from CT motorists who, this week are paying an average of $4.33 for a gallon of gas, and voted to suspend the 25-cent per gallon gas tax through June 30, 2022 (on average, CT motorists pay about 70 cents per gallon in gas). We can implement the change without violating any federal or state rules and, without any impact on our special transportation fund.

It is now up to oil and gas companies to do right by consumers and lower their prices. I hope you join me in calling on them to do so immediately!
We still have to keep an eye on the unscrupulous with respect to gas gouging. Our bill today also implemented safeguards that will allow the state to go after companies who do not lower their prices, but remember, if you are still seeing extremely high gas prices, File a Complaint:

  • Use our complaint portal HERE
  • Identify the specific location of the gas station or business
  • Identify the date and time of the offer or sale
  • Include documentation, especially receipts

Included in the bill, we also established an additional tax-free week on clothing and shoes beginning April 10, 2022 – April 16, 2022.
I am committed to even more robust tax relief for you and your family. Please stay tuned as we craft our budget adjustments in the next month or so. More tax relief is coming!

Children's Mental Health
On Monday, I will join Senator James Maroney for an in-depth discussion on Children's Mental Health. The conversation will include input and expertise from dedicated professionals to help answer any questions parents may have. Click here or the image below to register for the event.
Veteran Suicide Prevention
I hope you will join me Friday, April 1st from 10AM - 12PM, for a virtual summit on preventing veteran suicide. This topic is near and dear to my heart, so I want to hear from you on all we can do as elected officials to craft good policy to keep those safe who protect us every day.

Click here or the image below to register for the event.

Child Abuse Bill
Back in February I hosted a virtual discussion on how to protect our children from the threat of online abuse and exploitation. My dear friend and founder of Safe from Online Sex Abuse (SOSA), Roo Powell, joined the discussion offering insight on just how kids are being targeted.

As the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Children, I committed to addressing the growing concerns of online abuse and exploitation by working to pass legislation to keep our kids safe. I am proud to say that with bipartisan support and collaboration, we held a successful public hearing for HB 5468, An Act Establishing The Crime Of Harmful Communication With A Minor.

If you would like to read up more on the importance of this bill, please feel free to read any of the articles below.

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