House Passes Early Voting

May 5, 2023


Please join me for Coffee with Aundré tomorrow from 10 am - 12 pm at the Ditty Bag in Mystic. Come and share your priorities, ask questions, provide feedback, and get updates on what's happening at the Capitol. I look forward to speaking with you and having a conversation on how to address the needs of our wonderful community.


Connecticut voters asked the legislature for more voting options through a constitutional amendment on early voting that they overwhelmingly approved, and we are answering the call. 

The House of Representatives approved H.B. 5004, which I am a proud co-sponsor. It's a measure that will allow early voting in our state beginning in 2024.

This legislation modernizes the state's elections and allows for more convenience and fairness in the process, reflecting the realities of hectic modern-day life.

Eligible voters will be able to cast their ballots in person ahead of Election Day for both regular and special elections, as well as primaries.

Passage of this bill in the House is a step toward improving access to the ballot box for all eligible Connecticut voters.

I look forward to the next step, which is debate in the Senate.


The House approved AN ACT ESTABLISHING A WORKING GROUP ON THE RESTORATION OF EEL GRASS, which improves water quality and provides protection from erosion. The working group will consist of members of shoreline conservation commissions, members of municipal shellfish commissions, a marine biologist from The University of Connecticut at Avery Point, a student from the Marine Science Magnet School in Groton and Save the Sound's Long Island Soundkeeper.

This week I was privileged to visit Marine Science Magnet High School in Groton City! A couple of students, Griffin of Stonington and Henry of Mystic, interviewed me about coastal resilience. We discussed the eel grass working group and how one spot is reserved for a student at the school! This is proof that young people can be engaged and active in our democratic process.

I co-sponsored House Bill 6479 which passed in the House on Wednesday. It contains a key provision to maximize federal funds designated for state and municipal climate change resiliency projects, including coastal resiliency projects.

Celebratory balloons are a hazard to wildlife and add to plastic pollution. That's why the House just passed an act concerning the intentional release of certain balloons.

We passed House Bill 5575, a necessary measure to ensure the humane treatment of animals in municipal animal shelters. We set municipal regulations establishing guidelines that maintain the health and safety of both the animals and the individuals working in the facilities.

The bipartisan House Bill 6688 improves protections for Connecticut residents going through eviction, expands green subsidies to heat pumps and geothermal heating, improves CHFA subsidies for home ownership and affordable housing opportunities, and establishes a working group to find ways to increase financing opportunities for mobile manufactured homes.


Comptroller Sean Scanlon and I toured Mystic on Monday for a business walk! It was great catching up with various businesses in our downtown. We enjoyed learning about the MyCTSavings so our local workforce can start saving for retirement!

It was also wonderful to celebrate Mystic after USA TODAY recognized our community as ONE OF THE TOP FIVE SUMMER DESTINATIONS across the country!








Last Friday, Stonington students reflected on history that happened right in their backyard by commemorating the life of Cato Cuff, who was enslaved in Stonington. I want to thank our students, educators, and the First Congregational Church of Stonington for putting this special memorial together.

I stand on the shoulders of Cato Cuff and other individuals who were enslaved. It's important for our youth and our community to come together to highlight this history and spread awareness about our dark past.










Thank you to Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce for holding the State of Mystic, Stonington, and Groton Address, where we received some important, timely updates from our Town and City leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with them as well as our dynamic and vibrant business community!









The Stonington Borough community came together to honor Warden Jeff Callahan for his years of public service and commitment to his neighbors in the Borough since 2003 and beyond.

Warden Callahan engaged all voices in discussion and decisions and represented the Borough with dignity on numerous boards and commissions. Stonington Borough is a better place for the dedicated public service of Jeff Callahan.








I stopped by Poquonnock Plains Park for Recovery Fest, which is run by Students for Recovery at Grasso Tech. Recovery Fest showcased the many community organizations available to those with addiction and seeking recovery. I made sure to say hello to my friends at Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut!

Since 1946, the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra inspires, educates, and connects our communities in the region through live orchestral music! We have some incredible talent in Southeastern Connecticut.

Thank you to Caleb Bailey, Gregory Duke, and the incredible Board of Directors that made the Springtime Gala a success!








My wife, Kayla, and I had a wonderful time taking in the music, enjoying a feast, and mingling with our friends over the weekend!

In honor of Arbor Day, I joined Thrive 55+ Active Living Center and AARP-CT for their tree planting kickoff at the Thrive 55+ Center.

Thank you to AARP Connecticut for graciously donating the trees!


More than 150,000 essential workers received “Hero Pay” from the Office of the State Comptroller. The Premium Pay program offered one-time payments up to $1,000. CLICK HERE to learn more.

To be eligible, workers must have:

  • Worked as an essential worker in Connecticut from 3/10/20 to 5/7/22 
  • Not been able to work from home. 
  • Worked in a job categorized by the CDC as 1A or 1B.  
  • Worked in the private sector.  
  • Earned $149,999 or less. 


Groton Utilities and Aquarion Water have started their respective water main flushing and testing programs. While Aquarion has not announced when its work will be finished, Groton Utilities will be done on June 16 (weather permitting).
All Groton Utilities customers should expect intermittent intervals of water discoloration during the water main flushing process. House of flushing are from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.




Stonington officials have a nearly $70 million budget proposal which carries a 17.45 mill rate for the fiscal year starting July 1. You can learn more about the plan at the annual town budget meeting next Monday, May 8 at Stonington High School.

A referendum on the budget will be held May 16 from 12 pm – 8 pm.

CLICK HERE to see your polling location.