Meeting Aquaculture Center Students

September 29, 2015

State Representative Steve Stafstrom recently visited with students at the Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science & Technology Education Center. The Aquaculture Center serves a community of diverse students with a broad range of social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds who bring to the school a variety of skills, talents and learning styles. The Center offers students from school systems in the greater Bridgeport region the opportunity to enhance the traditional academic high school curriculum with a specialized emphasis on science and technology instruction as related to the development of aquaculture in the State of Connecticut.

Rep. Stafstrom, who serves on the General Assembly's Environment Committee, shared his experience on the committee, explained the legislative oversight of the committee, and answered questions from students on a number of environmental issues including his support of legislation concerning Microbeads and Long Island Sound Blue Plan.

Rep. Stafstrom praised the students and encouraged them as they pursue their interests in a unique educational program that is innovative and emphasizes high academic standards.