State Pier update

September 16, 2019

Many of us in Hartford have participated in numerous discussions on the Port Authority and State Pier. Most importantly with regards to agreements with, and funding for, New London to ensure the City receives its fair share.

From day one in Hartford we have shared enormous concerns with the existing agreement and how we need to see change, have a seat at the table and increased benefits to not only help New London but to also relieve constituents of tax burdens that have been lost over the past few decades.

I would like to thank Sen. Osten, Rep. Connelly and Sen. Formica – who are members of the Transportation Committee – for speaking on behalf of New London during the meeting.

I also thank Rep. Lemar, Co-Chair of the Transportation Committee. He said, “I’ve heard, specifically, from Rep. Nolan who represents the city of New London about his concerns frankly for a few months. He’s done a great job of highlighting the role the Port Authority plays in the city and the direction it should have going forward.”

My colleagues and I will continue to fight for New London in the city’s dealing with Port Authority issues and to secure a fair partnership agreement we can support going forward.