Pay Equity Bill Passes House

April 13, 2017

A measure to promote pay equity among men and women advanced Wednesday in the House of Representatives — but minus a key provision regarding inquiries into a prospective employee’s salary history.

The bill, which the House passed 139-9 and now heads to the Senate, would:

  • Ban employers from using a worker’s previously earned wages as a defense against a charge of pay inequity;
  • Protect employees from losing seniority based on time spent on maternity or other family or medical leave;
  • Strengthen the requirement that employers provide “comparable” pay for workers performing similar duties;
  • Clarify the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities’ ability to investigate complaints of discrimination when wages are involved.

The bill strengthens gender pay equity legislation on the books since 1963, and puts added pressure on a wage gap that costs Connecticut women an estimated $5.5 billion per year, said Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, House chair of the labor committee.

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