New Britain-Area Legislators Laud Today's Passage of the Bond Package Providing Over $2.1 million for Local Projects

March 11, 2020

Hartford, Conn. — State Representatives Rick Lopes (D-New Britain), Bobby Sanchez (D-New Britain) and Peter Tercyak (D-New Britain) applaud the approval of the state bond bill that sends $2.1 million to the City of New Britain for roads, bridges and municipal projects. Much of the money is expected funding from the state that was allocated in last year's budget, but an additional $764,407 for municipal projects came through when the package passed today.

"The city is sometimes shortchanged on the revenue we receive due to the large amount of property in the city that is not taxable," Rep. Lopes said. "This extra funding is meant to address that shortfall."

"These are dollars that we need," Rep. Sanchez said. "Making sure that New Britain receives its fair share of resources from the state is one of the most important parts of the job here and I'm happy we were able to follow through on that work with today's vote." 

"I am pleased we were able to work together to make sure New Britain was kept on the radar in this round of funding proposals," Rep. Tercyak said. "I look forward to this item getting on a future agenda and being approved by the State Bond Commission."

The package, H.B. 5518, was approved by the State House during today's legislative session by a margin of 126 to 21.