Sensible Gun Legislation To Make CT Safer

February 1, 2019

Today my Judiciary Committee co-chair, Gary Winfield, and I joined our colleagues at a press conference to announce legislation we believe will reduce gun violence and make communities across the state safer.

We want to make sure we do everything we can to keep Connecticut as the leader and at the forefront of sensible gun regulation. It’s unfortunate that Congress continues to fail to act on background checks or any other sensible gun regulation, making it incumbent upon states to all that we can.

Among many things we are seeking, we want a ban on 3D-printed guns and so-called ghost guns, which are partially completed weapons that do not meet the federal definition of a firearm and can be sold without background checks or serial numbers to anyone, including felons and people with mental illnesses.

Getting a ban on these ghost guns has the support of many legislators across the country including Republicans.

We also want to tighten Connecticut’s firearm storage laws to require safer storage of weapons in the home and in automobiles. And another bill would require people who openly carry a firearm to show their gun permit to law enforcement officers if requested.

It's absolutely necessary that we pass sensible gun safety legislation and these bills will make everyone safer.