Dr. Jaime S. Foster is serving her second term as State Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly, proudly serving the 57th District of Ellington, East Windsor, and Vernon. She currently serves on the Public Health, and Banking Committee and is the Vice Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee.

Prior to being elected to serve in the General Assembly, Dr. Foster served on the Ellington Human Services Commission, Board of Education, and the State’s Milk Promotion Board. She continues to serve on the Ellington Farmers Market Board of Directors.

Dr. Foster is an alumnus of UCONN’s College of Agriculture Health and Natural Resources; she received her B.S. in Dietetics and subsequently completed internship and testing requirements to be a Registered Dietitian. She has also obtained her MS and Doctorate in Nutritional Sciences at UCONN. 

Professionally, Dr. Foster works as a research scientist for the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center where her expertise and research focuses on interventions to address food insecurity and nutrition-related chronic diseases. 

Dr. Foster is committed to advocating for meaningful change that will improve the lives of those in the community. Her background in health and nutrition policy helps her on the public health committee, but as the only scientist in the legislature, she's proud to bring a critical and data-driven eye to policies to address CT's biggest challenges.