Fourth of July, Firework Safety, and more

July 5, 2024

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July celebrating our country's founding with your friends and family.

With all of the division we see in our country these days, it's important to reflect on the ideals our democracy was founded on: freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

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Special Session, New Laws, and more

June 28, 2024

This week the Connecticut General Assembly met for a brief special session to pass some time-sensitive legislation that couldn't wait until next year's session.

Please click here for a brief outline of what we accomplished in yesterday's special session.

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Heat Protocol, Free Planet Fitness for Teens, and more

June 21, 2024

With temperatures soaring, Connecticut's emergency hot weather protocol is now in effect through Sunday. 🌡️☀️

Please stay hydrated, seek shade or air-conditioned spaces, and check on vulnerable neighbors and loved ones. Let's stay safe and cool together! Read on for some critical information about what it means for Connecticut to put the extreme heat protocol into effect.

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Upcoming Holidays, Education Scholarship, and more

June 14, 2024

If applicable, I encourage you to apply for the Aspiring Educators Diversity Scholarship Program. This program is available for diverse students who graduated from a public high school in an Alliance School District - which the New Haven School District is a part of!

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Millions for New Haven, and more

June 7, 2024

I was thrilled to see over $25 million approved for New Haven at today's State Bonding Commission meeting.

Through massive investments in our schools, our roadways, and our non-profits, these funds tackle some of the biggest issues facing New Haven residents head on, and I'm thrilled for their approval.

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Pride Month and Summer in CT

May 31, 2024

Whether you're hiking scenic trails, lounging on beautiful beaches, or enjoying local festivals, there's no shortage of activities to make your summer unforgettable. Get out and explore all that our state has to offer! 🍦🌟

Don’t forget - through the Passport to the Parks program, drivers that have a Connecticut-registered vehicle do not have to pay a fee to park at any state park and forest. Learn more at

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Memorial Day, Healthcare Expansion, and more

May 24, 2024

Monday is Memorial Day, a day to remember and honor all whose bravery and service cost them the ultimate sacrifice. While this long weekend presents the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, it is also a time to pause and reflect on those who gave their lives to protect and preserve our great nation and democracy. I also make sure to take the time to remind myself to live a life that is meaningful and worthy of the sacrifices so many have made. I hope you all have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day.

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Fallen Officer Fund, AANHPI Heritage, and more

May 17, 2024

Connecticut law enforcement officers have our backs every day. We owe it to them to support their families and stand by them. From now on, if a police officer or trooper is killed in the line of duty in our state, this fund will offer immediate support to their family.

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