2023 Constituent Survey

I do my job best when I hear from you on the issues that touch your lives. The 2023 legislative session is under way, and your feedback and involvement in the democratic process is important to me. I hope you will participate in this constituent survey. This is an opportunity to share your ideas and views on issues impacting you and our community.

I host a monthly community listening session to connect with residents, answer questions, and discuss issues that matter most to all of you. You can sign up to receive the dates of my in-person events and for my weekly email updates by emailing kara.rochelle@cga.ct.gov.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime if you or your family are in need of assistance in any way or if you would like to share an idea or viewpoint with me. It’s an honor to serve you and our community, and I look forward to hearing from you about ways we can improve Connecticut for all of us.

What are the top 3 issues you are most concerned about?

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