Firefighters Cancer Bill Passes in House

April 20, 2016

I am pleased to announce that the firefighter’s cancer bill I have championed has passed the House of Representatives.

The bill, HB 5262, An Act Concerning Workers Compensation Coverage for Current and Former Uniformed Members of Paid or Volunteer Firefighters, would establish a relief fund used for wage replacement of those who are diagnosed with certain conditions of cancer as a result of their service as paid municipal or volunteer firefighters.

I have fought for passage of this bill for several months and I am extremely pleased that it has passed the House with a unanimous vote. I have met a number of firefighters who have contracted cancer while serving the community and I have made it my mission to fight for their health and safety. It is extremely important to ensure our firefighters have the proper protections for the risks they take to keep us safe. As first responders, they sacrifice their lives to save ours, and they deserve this compensation. I am proud to stand with them.