Supporting a Child Tax Credit with Trinity College Students

April 4, 2024

I was honored to talk alongside Trinity College students to support an effort towards a child tax credit for the people of Connecticut. This measure will support thousands of families, making it easier for those like Maria Núñez, a single mother who spoke at the press conference, to afford the basic necessities needed to live.

I was very happy to see students so active and involved in this issue. It is clear they have put much thought and effort into a better future for our state. It's just another instance where I am excited to be working as a teacher in one of the best education systems of the entire nation.

I was also touched by the story of Maria Núñez. Her story makes it so clear why we need a child tax credit, not just to help her, but all the struggling families in our state.

You can read more about the child tax credit and the press conference I attended at the CT News Junkie and NBC CT. This is an issue that I will continue to fight for until the last day of session and beyond.

Photos from Gio Roper