Updates From Our Session

April 19, 2024

It was great to play for charity in the 3rd Annual CGA Kickball Classic. All proceeds went to the Earl E. Exum Memorial Fund, which supports non-profits, and the Pink Fund, which offers financial assistance for the fight against breast cancer.

Our House Democrats team ultimately came up short, losing by 4-3, but at least we put on a show. We'll get the win next year!

The Importance of Teaching Democracy to Our Kids

On Wednesday, we passed HB 5304 in the House, which includes an amendment creating a working group to study changing the state insect from the praying mantis to the meadowhawk dragonfly. Part of this working group will be made up by students from Center Road School, including those students who worked to introduce this measure.

I was proud of these students for getting involved in the political process, and teaching our kids about how to participate in their democracy is of such critical importance.

Please see my comments on the House floor by clicking on the video below,

UConn Day at the Capitol

Celebrating their back-to-back victories, our UConn Huskies showed up to the Capitol on Wednesday and spoke on the house floor. We all were able to show how excited we were watching them dominate in the tournament.

Dan Hurley promised us a three-peat when he gave his speech, so hopefully we'll get to see them next year as well!