Updates for Vernon before the Legislative Session

January 26, 2024

As a teacher, I have witnessed firsthand the negative impact that hunger has on a student's ability to achieve success in the classroom. This week, I had the privilege of attending End Hunger CT's press conference on providing free school meals for students, regardless of their economic situation. Along with some of my fellow legislators, we talked about the benefits of providing students with free meals, such as an increase in overall grades and a decrease in absenteeism.


My colleagues and I are pledging to commit to legislation that will make free school meals a reality. No child should have to learn while hungry, because if they are forced to, then they may not learn at all.

Small Cities Program Grant Announced for Vernon

There's some exciting news for Vernon. The town is receiving $1,000,000 for Grove Court Extension Renovations. This grant is being awarded as part of the Connecticut Development Block Grant (CBDG) Small Cities program and is given to towns with populations under 50,000 by the Department of Housing.


Renovations like these are important to keep our town safe and up-to-date. It is important to live in communities that protect quality of life with modern standards.

Poverty Awareness Month

Why was our EITC increase such a big deal in our fight against poverty?


By changing the rate from 30.5% to 40%, we were able to provide an additional $44.6 million in state tax credits to the approximately 211,000 low-income filers who receive the credit. Typically, more than 95% of filers who receive this credit are families with children.