Update - February 23

February 23, 2024

This week, I was pleased to welcome some visitors to the Capitol Complex - the students and staff of Torrington Christian Academy, who toured the complex and had a chance to talk with their representatives from both the House and Senate. If you're interested in setting up a tour - school or otherwise - please contact the League of Women Voters to pick a date to come for a visit. More information can be found HERE
This e-newsletter includes:
  • Early Childhood Forum on February 27
  • Public Hearings for the Week of February 26
  • Array Rx Event at Sullivan Senior Center on February 29
  • A Glimpse into a Committee
  • A Visit from TCA  
  • A Visit with Christine Emery
  • Prime Time House Comes for a Tour
  • Mark Your Calendars for 2nd Annual Food Insecurity Day
  • Torrington PD is Hiring
  • Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn
  • Torrington Parks & Recreation Umpire Clinic
Focusing on Early Childhood Forum
On Tuesday, the Connecticut General Assembly's Early Childhood Caucus, along with the CT Early Childhood Alliance, an early childhood advocacy organization, will host a special briefing on the powerful role that parents and caregivers play in optimizing foundational brain development during the first five years of life, and the policies that can support them.
Dana Suskind, MD, Co-Director of the TMW Center for Early Learning and Public Health at the University of Chicago and the author of 2022's "Parent Nation: Unlocking Every Child's Potential, Fulfilling Society's Promise," will be featured during this event, as well as Pamela Truelove-Walker, EdD. Dr. Pamela Truelove-Walker joined the TMC Center in 2023 and serves as Director of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Strategy. She leads the testing, development, and implementation of the Center's tools for supporting ECE practitioners.  

Want to attend? Please RSVP to megan.villanova@cga.ct.gov.

Public Hearings for the Week of February 26
Array RX Event at Sullivan Senior Center
A Glimpse into the Public Health Committee 
Here's a peek into our Public Health Committee meetings from last Friday and this past Wednesday. On Friday, we went through 25 concepts and one proposed bill to be drafted as a committee bill. On Wednesday, we went through an additional seven concepts to be raised and set a public hearing for Monday, February 26 (more info on that hearing - what bills, how to testify or submit testimony, and how to watch the proceedings - can be found HERE). Today, Public Health will discuss four more concepts and one proposed bill to be drafted as a committee bill and set another public hearing date for March 1. 

Our deadline to pass bills out of committee is April 1.

Athena Owes Towns More Than $750K - Including Torrington
This article posted today on the CT Mirror website. Athena Health Care Systems, one of the largest nursing home chains in Connecticut, owes more than $750,000 in taxes, utility costs, and interest on missed payments to municipalities - including Torrington. Torrington tax collectors have referred the nursing home chain's overdue taxes to the state marshals for collection, and other towns have filed liens. Click HERE to read the article or the graphic below. 
Visit from Torrington Christian Academy Students
I was happy to welcome students from Torrington Christian Academy to the Capitol this week. Representative Jay Case and I talked to the students in the House Chamber. I hope the students and staff enjoyed their visit to the Capitol Complex and learning more about your state government!
A Visit with Christine Emery
of Brooker Memorial
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Christine Emery, Executive Director of Brooker Memorial recently at the Legislative Office Building. Brooker Memorial has served the Northwest Corner of Connecticut for 100 years and is a not-for-profit children's organization that offers early learning and childcare, pediatric dental care, children's therapy, and more. 
Prime Time House Touring & Advocating
I had the honor of meeting with some individuals from Prime Time House in Torrington. They were at the Capitol Complex for a tour and to advocate for money for non-profits.

Prime Time House assists adults with mental illness, as members of society, to find pathways to independence and productivity including employment, education, housing, and friendship. Prime Time House accomplishes this through a philosophy where all members are appreciated and where they establish a foundation of life skills to reach their full potential.

Mark Your Calendars for Food Insecurity Day
Torrington PD is Hiring!
Northwest CT Chamber Lunch & Learn
Torrington Parks & Recreation Umpire Clinic