Ethan’s Law Approved by House

May 8, 2019

Connecticut is a leader when it comes to sensible gun safety laws. We continued our leadership on the issue by passing Ethan’s Law and legislation regulating ghost guns.

Safe Storage in the Home
Better known as Ethan’s Law, HB 7219 would require that a gun, loaded or unloaded, be properly stored so that individuals under the age of 18 cannot access the firearm. The bill was prompted by the tragic death of 15 year-old Guildford resident, Ethan Song. While at a friend’s house, Ethan died after being shot with an improperly stored gun and due to a loophole, the owner of the gun could not be prosecuted.

Ghost Guns
Made from kits of partially completed firearms which are easily purchased online, ghost guns are created without a serial number and untraceable, causing a great risk to public safety. HB 7219 creates sensible regulations to ensure people aren’t building untraceable guns from parts purchased online or by using a 3D printer.