No Permit for Electronic Sign

February 13, 2018

Rep. Pat Dillon (D-New Haven) is calling on the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to issue a “stop work” order at the site of the electronic signage at 1057 Whalley Avenue in New Haven. Dillon has confirmed with DOT that the large electronic poster has not received a permit from the state.

“Work should stop on this immediately,” Rep. Dillon said. “We have safety concerns. We have nuisance concerns. We have quality of life concerns. And now we have permitting concerns and if there is any ambiguity we should err on the side of caution.”

When seeking to install outdoor advertising like a billboard or electronic poster, owners must apply for a state Outdoor Advertising Permit. DOT has not received a permit application for the Whalley Avenue sign.

House Chair of the Transportation Committee, Rep. Tony Guerrera (D-Rocky Hill) said, “We want to make sure everyone is following the same rules. DOT looks at the location of the proposed sign and its impact on the safety and visibility for drivers and pedestrians. The rules are in place to protect business owners, residents and drivers.”