Preventing Injuries in College Athletes

February 8, 2017

Two days after the Super Bowl, Rep. Pat Dillon testified Higher Education Committee on legislation (HB 6870) to protect the health and safety of college athletes.

Dillon has authored previous legislation on college athletics. In 2011, her “student athlete right to know” legislation became law. It requires schools to clearly disclose to student athletes the fine print of their scholarship agreements.

Rep. Dillon and National College Players Association executive director Ramogi Huma in 2011

Rep. Dillon said this year’s legislation arose from several concerns including concussions in college sports.

Dillon noted that athletes “play through” concussions and can become addicted to opioids from painkillers used to mask injuries.

"The NCAA has changed and it's a business," Dillon said. "It wouldn't be a bad thing if the NCAA would do a little bit more on safety, if they got in front of it. The data may disprove me, but the image is the NFL is making progress and college athletics is not. I don't know if that's a fair image."

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