Targeting Workplace Harassment

April 25, 2018

Stories of workplace harassment have been upending the worlds of entertainment, business and politics. To protect people in the workplace here in Connecticut, I am backing legislation – House Bill 5043, An Act Promoting a Civil, Fair, and Harassment-Free Workplace.

The Appropriations Committee has unanimously approved the legislation and it has been sent to the House for a vote.

The legislation would update Connecticut’s existing anti-harassment training requirements by:

  • Requiring all employers with three or more employees to annually communicate to their employees the illegality of harassment on the basis of protected class and the remedies available to targets of such harassment
  • Extending and enhancing awareness and anti-harassment compliance training to any employers with 15 or more employees in pursuit of improved workplace civility
  • Updating the content of anti-harassment training to include content that encourages bystander intervention and types of conduct that constitute and do not constitute harassment and strategies to prevent harassment.

Thankfully, the tide of denying, looking the other way or blame-shaming is receding and now we have to be more vigilant and protect people in the workplace. By striving for effective policies that are good for business and good for people, we will create an open and respectful workplace culture.