2024 Legislative Survey

2023 was a great year for you, because the General Assembly cut taxes targeted to working families by over $600 million, and invested in public schools and universities, childcare, and non-profits. 2024 will bring new challenges, and I need your help to know what concerns you the most. This survey is an opportunity to tell me.

One issue will be cleaning the air. Way back in 2004, we committed to reduce air pollution that is making people sick, and increasing greenhouse gasses that lead to climate change. The biggest single source of greenhouse gases are gas-powered motor vehicles. How do we fix this? Car manufacturers are phasing out gas vehicles, with a goal of switching to all electric vehicles (EVs) by 2035. Connecticut must either adopt the California standards or the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards soon. Failure will put us in non-compliance, which means we will face fines, we will have to close down ‘smokestack’ businesses, and still deal with the high costs of sickness and deaths caused by dirty air.

Big oil and its allies are funding lobbying efforts, claiming untruthfully that you would have to give up your fossil fuel cars and trucks. The choices we have include no sales of new gas engine cars starting in 2035. They will not affect used car sales or ownership of your gas driven car.

I’ve asked questions about this effort in this survey, along with other more general questions. Can you help?

What concerns you and your family the most?

Please check all that apply.

What concerns you and your family the most?

Got an idea for a state law? Tell me about it:

The Challenge of Cleaning the Air

Which choices comes closest to your views on climate change and air pollution?

Do you think the State of CT should continue to subsidize residents to purchase Electric Vehicles through the CHEAPR rebate programs?

Balancing The Budget:
State Spending & Program Cuts

If you were voting on changes to the state budget, would you vote to spend less, spend the same, or spend more on each of the following programs?

Please check one box for each program:

Questions Less More Same

If cuts need to be made to balance the budget, what program or service that you use would you be willing to give up or cut back?

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