April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 17, 2018

April is “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

It’s time to talk openly about sexual assault and sexual violence so we can prevent it – punish perpetrators – and support victims.

Several bills to support victims and prevent sexual violence have been voted out of committee and sent to the floor for debate and consideration:

  • House Bill 5043, An Act Promoting a Fair, Civil and Harassment-Free Workplace
  • House Bill 5246, An Act Eliminating the Statute of Limitations in the Case of Sexual Assault
  • Senate Bill 17, An Act Promoting Fairness in Access to Information, Support and Justice for Sexual Assault Victims
  • Senate Bill 132, An Act Combating Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Together, this package of bills represents a comprehensive updating of Connecticut statutes as we strive to put an end to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence is an excellent resource for anyone interested in stopping this disturbing trend. The Alliance offers support to victims and families; partners with other organizations to advocate for victims; and works to prevent sexual violence from happening. Click here for April's calendar of events and for useful resources.