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April 19, 2024

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Dear Neighbor,
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, street takeovers have become a national issue, including here in Connecticut. This cannot become the new normal. These takeovers by the illegal use of all-terrain and other types of vehicles, pose a significant threat to public safety, endangering participants, innocent bystanders, and law enforcement officials.
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives took bipartisan and unanimous action to help cities and towns regain control of their streets as we voted 148-0 to pass 
HB 5413 to control takeovers, which have proven to be a concern for many of our residents.

HB 5413 seeks to provide more tools to municipalities in order to combat street takeovers, including:

  • Allowing cities and towns to destroy ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles seized and forfeited for violating a municipal ordinance
  • Authorizing municipalities to adopt ordinances that penalize street takeovers and impose fines as well as the seizure of vehicles
  • Changing and tightening penalties for violating state law on street takeovers, including permanent driver's license revocation for a third violation of the statute 

I am glad my bipartisan vote provides additional tools and increased penalties to cities and towns to help deter street takeovers.

The bill now moves to the Senate for its consideration.


ICYMI: We passed a number of great bills this week! See the full list below:

  • HB 5168 - An Act Concerning Solar Installations in Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • HB 5224 - An Act Concerning Shark Finning
  • HB 5225 - An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Invasive Plants Council
  • HB 5457 - An Act Concerning Nursing Home Waiting Lists
  • HB 5058 - An Act Adopting the Nurse Licensure Compact
  • HB 5169 - An Act Concerning the Requirement to Install Swimming Pool Barriers
  • HB 5190 - An Act Concerning the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • HB 5197 - An Act Concerning Social Workers
  • HB 5229 - An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Eelgrass Working Group
  • HB  5262 - An Act Concerning a Sexual Abuse and Assault Survey
  • HB 5382 - An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Office of the Child Advocate
  • HB 5409 - An Act Designating Various Days, Weeks, and Months
As always, please feel free to contact me to share your ideas and concerns.

Roland Lemar
State Representative

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