Federal Funding Available for Crumbling Foundations

January 12, 2024
As a member and founder of the bipartisan Crumbling Foundations Caucus, I want to let residents of the 12th House District know about an exciting new federal funding opportunity for low- and moderate-income families suffering from crumbling foundations.

U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), the Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Corporation (CFSIC), and the Northeast Connecticut Council of Governments (NECCOG) have launched the Crumbling Foundation Remediation and Restoration program to help low- and moderate-income homeowners access financial assistance to repair damages caused by crumbling foundations.

This program helps homeowners whose incomes are below $66,150 for a family of one to $94,500 for a family of four with as much as $32,000 per household. Additional funds may be available for required health, safety, and code compliance items. Funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The financial assistance is made possible by a $2 million Community Project Funding request submitted to Rep. Courtney, who prioritized this important project, which will aid homeowners impacted by pyrrhotite cover costs not covered by CFSIC.

My deep thanks to Rep. Courtney, CRCOG, CFSIC, NECCOG for bringing this funding and program to fruition. It will not only repair crumbling foundations but help restore fiscal stability and the futures for homeowners in Manchester and across greater Hartford and eastern Connecticut.

To apply or learn more visit crcog.org/gap-foundation-funding/.